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  1. Art by Summer Snow

    Art by Summer Snow

    You will find something for everyone in our signature collection! From catchy quotes to old sayings, we have all of the bases covered.

    All of our artwork comes with the option of being glittered, with many different 100% organic made frames to choose from. Whether you are looking for a gift or something personal, our Art by Summer Snow collection is sure to please. Click on the link below to go directly to our collection.
  2. Seasonal Art

    Seasonal Art
    Autumn and Winter are coming up fast, so get prepared by purchasing some wonderful seasonal art. Whether it's leaves changing colors and falling off trees, walking through pumpkin patches, or a gorgeous harvest moon, we have plenty of art depicting Fall in all its beauty.

    For Winter, we have fresh snow falling on a cold night, snowmen and sledding, and family coming home for the holidays. Our seasonal showcase features a number of artists, including Billy Jacobs, John Rossini, Bonnie Mohr, and Ray Hendershot.
  3. Billy Jacobs

    Browse the Billy Jacobs Collection!
    Billy Jacobs is a self-taught artist from Navarre, Ohio. He has worked in the gift and craft industry for over 20 years. Billy also designs and licenses to several major companies. Billy started his career mainly as a woodcrafter, but has focused the last ten years on his painting.

    Billy works in a variety of mediums from acrylic and watercolor to digital. He is also a font designer. He has designed over 100 fonts, mostly antique style fonts based on old advertising from the 19th century. Several of his fonts can be found at MyFonts.com.
  4. Horses

    Browse Our Collection of Horse Art!
    Our collection of equestrian-themed art is perfect for anyone who takes an interest in the country life, or just loves these majestic creatures. Featuring plenty of different breeds of horses throughout numerous settings and poses, our collection should have something for any horse lover.

    This set showcases artwork from Summer Snow's own set, as well as from various artists around the country. Presenting pictures containing either photographs or artwork, this collection is sure to please.
  5. Made In America

    All of our artwork is made right here in America!
    We are a eco-concious company! All of our products are 100% made right here in America. We are proud to meet those standards we set for our company, and as a member of a great community.

    Our frames are made of 100% organic material. We understand the importance of keeping a business green while providing a superior product for our customers.

    That is why we offer Bonanza wood, which is one of the only woods that are CPA EPP certified.
Welcome to Summer Snow
Our goal is to help you turn your house into a beautiful home. Whether you're looking for a rustic folk art picture from acclaimed artists such as Billy Jacobs, Marla Rae, or Bonnie Mohr, or a heartfelt expression created uniquely by us, we're certain we have what you're looking for.
Our framed art includes some beautiful prints from artists such as: Marla Rae, Billy Jacobs, Bonnie Mohr, John Rossini, Linda Spivey, Pam Britton, Jo Moulton, Warren Kimble, and other incredible American artists. Each picture is personally framed by us to ensure you the highest quality product in your home.
Our expression line of products is a wonderful way of filling your home with inspirational quotes. Unique backgrounds created by us with heartfelt and uplifting expressions creating an inspiring piece of art that is sure to please.
So, whether you're brightening up your home with a beautiful piece of folk art, or decorating your child's room with a loving expression, Summer Snow is sure to make your house into a home.
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